Top Hero Zero tips

There are a good number of tips, tricks, and hacks that you can consider whenever you are playing Hero Zero game. For example as nasty player you may want to use Hero zero hack tool. As a rule of thumb, it’s vital for you to know the basics before you can even think of any tricks to use. Nevertheless, some of the tips you will use will depend on how good you are at every single stage. This said, you are highly advised to consider the below mentioned tips if you want to get entertained and benefit even more from the game. Remember, some of the tips can only be applied after you have mastered the different strategies.

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Important tips you should know

There are several tips that you can use when playing Hero zero game, and the following are some that will help you a great deal;

The one thing you need to do in order to get more rewards-in this case donuts-is to ensure that you finish your heroic deeds. In many cases, this sound like its common knowledge to do so but if overlooked you will find it pretty difficult to make any substantial progress. This particular tip can be used by both seasoned and new players.

You are also advised to get more coins whenever possible as this will always give you the ability t move to the next level, fast. Furthermore, this helps a lot when leveraging on attributes. As a matter of fact, if you happen to have more attributes you will enjoy the benefits that come with better gear. This is one of the tricks that has proven to be a big success for those who play Hero Zero game to higher levels.

It is always a plus for you to do some work just before you go to sleep whenever you’re playing at higher levels. This has always been proven to increase chances of you getting higher payments. If you are level 20, then do not hesitate to follow this tip. Sooner or later you will enjoy the full benefits as you progress.

If you are just starting on the game and are a newbie, the best way to go about the game is consider the sidekick tool. This is one thing that will save you lots of trouble, and the better part is that your mission shall always be based on coins. Of course, this is much better than when your mission is based on XP. In fact, this is a must-use tip if you are thinking of striking it big with Hero Zero game.

When you are just starting out, try to avoid using the free store refresh for one main reason-it comes in handy only after you have depleted your energy for the day. Furthermore, this makes sense and will keep you moving to the end without any issues.If you want to leverage everything it is highly recommended that you balance everything. In this case, you should think of balancing on strength, brain, stamina, and intuition. You can also think of building high percentage of brain strength and stamina, and little of intuition. This one has proven to work well, too.

There is nothing better that enjoying your game by following the above mentioned tips. Overall, you will enjoy every single moment and be rewarded for being an exceptional player.

Rally Championship 2000

Dear, never heard of Rally Championship 2000? When you google it, you are not getting relevant english posts? You know why? Because this is just an unofficial name – the real name is Mobil 1 Rally championship or the most official one is Mobil 1 British Rally championship. So from the name you see this game is all about the Rally. The moto-sport which is not popular in US, but very popular in Europe and with increasing popularity in Asia. Why is this so, I let to the guys whose job is to think about such problems ;)

But there are fans of Rally in US and this article is to show such a fans the history of the Rally gaming. And we will start with Rally championship 2000 developed by Magnetic fields and released in 1999 for PC and Playstation. For PC it received positive and good reviews, for PS it was worse. There is a simulation and arcade mode in here and I advice you to take the simulation one to see what it is to drive the rally car. There are 22 cars and 36 tracks available. Tracks are from the British rally – that means not just from WRC. The main car propagated here is the Seat ibiza, which is not from A8 class, but from the A7 class. 36 tracks means 6 individual rallies in Britain and 6 stages for each one.


In any case you need to unlock A8 cars, which includes the best of best class like Subaru Impreza WRC, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V or Peugeot 206 WRC. One note: Vauxhall is the mark of Opel for Britain only, in rest of Europe it is called Opel and it is the daughter of General motors. Cars models are realistic and were very highly rated in that times. Also you will be surprised how the tracks looks realistic as they were scanned from photographs. Sun glare, rain and lights in the night are fantastic. And the tracks are real, means they are modeled of the actually existing ones. It might get boring for the non rally fans. But rally fans will be delighted.


This game can be good played on the keyboard as in that times the steering wheel was not such usual as now it is. Also don’t expect much from the multiplayer as you might know that actual rally is not racing against other guys, but actually to beat the best time. So you rarely see the other cars in rally. You can see them when accident occurs or somebody is slow due to accident. Multiplayer includes the split-screen and here you race with oponent, but can’t wreck him, just you see the “ghost car”. Or you race one by one. And in the LAN or internet race you will not even see the ghost cars of your opponents. This is just to save the time.


Conclusion is that there were also pretty good games in that times and something more that Richard Burns Rally, Colin McRae Rally or Sega Rally. In these times this game brought pure simulation to the audience and to you. So if you are able to get this run on your computer make it so. It is just fun!

Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats and Hack tool is the best tool for Simpsons Tapped Out game that you can play without getting a bore dorm feeling. This game brings about a realistic fantastic virtual environment into your dwelling. The most important key thing is that this game is suitable a favorable to all age groups. If you happen to have hardship in passing levels in this game, then you need to take advantage of the out cheatsmid. Let’s look at the new cheats and hold a discussion about this tool and what it exactly means to your app playing experience.


These cheats will equip you with a few hints that can help you pass levels in this game without extra cash expenditure. If you often play this game, then you are aware of donuts and cash. This is because without them you can get stuck for a long duration of time waiting. This is the main reason as to why we are excited to have found Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats that provides you the ability to achieve donuts and cash free of charge.


Along with Simpsons Tapped Out Cheats, you can as well get your hands on the out donut hacks. The good thing with these cheats is that you have to spend no more money than you already have. Donuts are very vital for a player since they assist you in succeeding in numerous challenges that come your way. These cheat will also provide you a memorable experience since you will be capable of finding your way through without having to pay for the already paid features.

Simpsons Tapped Out Hack is special in that you have an option to purchase numerous things. You are in a positions to enjoy many of other items in the game free of charge. Many people do not know about the cheats but on figuring out how to conquer the game, they use all the techniques so as to understand the trick behind accomplishing the quest in the game. All you need is to simply get your hands on the Out Cheats and kick off with the game. You will definitely enjoy the game since the Out Donut Hack as well as the Out cheats will automatically enhance your experience in the game.

The simple tricks and tips learn will help you to get through with game without much hassle. You will manage typo pass the levels without any worry of becoming a loser. You will also be able to earn maximum points in the game. This game is obviously worth your time. With the hacks, you will always be interested to play this game through-out.

Shadow Fight 2 – new figting arcade game

Shadow Fight 2 is an iOS Game which brings out the true definition of animation in an action based environment. It blends in with the touchscreen feature to keep you playing. Though you may have to purchase some items as you play, the entertainment makes it worth every penny. Anyway you can still save some nice money using trick over this online application . Without such tool, It becomes difficult to advance when you cannot buy the items as you need real cash to make the payment. The Shadow Fight 2 game is for persons who are patient and have the money to spend to advance to the very last stage. The design is outstanding and the features are unique.

Shadow Fight on

To make this game involving, the controls are easy to identify but require each other to make the best of it. While the right side contains the punching and kicking buttons, the left holds the directional stick. However, you need to coordinate the two so you can move to the next level and beat the bosses.

An outstanding feature that is appealing to many is that you have the ability to upgrade your fighter and his skills. Every time you fight and make it through, you are rewarded with gold coins. These gold coins will help you earn more and better weapons at your fighter’s disposal. Shadow Fight 2 comes with a variety of weaponry and each will change your fighter’s fighting style. Other than just the ability to change weapons, your gold coins also help to upgrade the current weapon at hand.

This game is ideal for anyone looking to explore varying fields. It comes with 6 worlds with nothing alike other than they all have a boss who needs a beat down. It is also versatile allowing you to participate in tournaments, challenges as well as duels.

Shadow Fight 2 has so much to offer with 6 worlds to conquer. The animations are silhouette style and the diversification will keep you going. Despite spending more money during the game, it is worth it. It is not just about bashing but it requires skill and tactics to maneuver through this game. It takes both brains and skill.

PS4 exclusive AAA titles

Hello guys, last time I was discussing if there is a time to buy a new PS4, today we will have a look what exclusive games there are out and which you may look forward. Because you may know that the hardware itself is not the motivation to switch from the last generation of consoles to new one. You need to have something to play on it and Sony a Microsoft are trying to lock as many AAA titles to their consoles as possible as you will be able to play them on PS4 or Xbox One, but not on both, not even on the PC. So today it will be an excursion to these titles for PS4.


DriveClub (2014) – released only for PS4 is a racing game, which focuses on the road racing. From the same studio there was a series of MotorStorm exclusively for PS3. Singleplayer and multiplayer available.

Galak-Z (2014) – from 17 bit studio is a space sage with the controls of the old school shooter games. This one is available for MS windows too.

The Last of Us (REMASTERED) (2014) – is an action survival horror game originally released for PS3, but now available in the enhanced graphics for PS4 too. You are wandering the post-apocalyptic US with the girl Ellie and fighting other humans and zombies.

Killzone Shadow Fall (2014) – talking about PS4 exclusive games and series, we can’t miss the Killzone series. It is sci-fi first person shooter. Its storyline has been set 30 years after storyline in Killzone 3.

Infamous Second Son (2014) – do you want to be good or evil? Up to your choice. You are in full control of your character in this action games set to the fictionalized Seattle and you have superpowers.

OK, 2014 was not so full of exclusive titles and the sales of PS4 are just powering up, so here is what you can look forward to…

The Order: 1886 (2015) – this 3rd person adventure game full of action will be set in London and you are about to fight demons and monsters.

Let it Die (2015) – it is not know much about this game, but looks like free-to-play and the centre of everything will be dead. Let’s hope it will be good enough.

Bloodborne (2015) – game from the creator of Dark souls and Demon’s souls, another action adventure game in our list. Trailer seems fantastic.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2015) – 3rd person action game from Naughty Dog taking place and time few years after Uncharted 3. Nathan will have to solve the historical conspiracy about the pirate treasure.

No Man’s Sky (2015) – exploration sci-fi game with procedurally generated huge universe. You are about to explore the whole universe and to upgrade your ship. There is a lot of expectations from this game.

Volume (2015) – stealth gaming in place. Looks like a Metal gear solid series. But this is about modern Robin Hood, which found the device called Volume. And here we go…

Hellblade (2015) – from famous Ninja Theory studio with the celtic myths storyline. If you loved Heavenly sword, this should be an independent successor.

There is a lot of games for PS4 only coming in the 2015. Is any of them missing on the list? Let me know by leaving a comment.